Easiest DIY Ever! Brush Stroke “Wallpaper”

Chelsea Curran May 18, 2023

Sharing the easiest, quickest, cheapest accent wall DIY possible. If you’re a fan of wallpaper, and love the look of the look of these brush-stroke pattern prints, you need to try this instead.



All you’ll need for this DIY are:
  • Paint in your desired color (I used black Acrylic paint)
  • Flat, wide artist paint brush (you can get these in a cheap set from Amazon, Walmart, Target etc. just not *too* cheap, or you’ll lose bristles in your paint)
  • Plate or lid for your paint (a plastic container lid works fine)
  • A wall that needs some spicing up
I used black acrylic paint because it’s a little thicker than wall paint & gave me more control over the design. I added a splash of water and mixed it up so it wasn’t too thick. I used a plate instead of a cup so I could easily make some strokes on the plate to wipe off any excess paint. You want stroke marks to show through on most of your application, so you don’t want too much paint on the brush.
I did practice a few strokes to learn the width/length I was looking for. You can do that right on the plate, or on a piece of cardboard. Then, you can go for it!
I decided to place the strokes in variating heights, so they weren’t perfectly in line with one another, but eyeballed to make sure they were spaced fairly evenly apart from each other on all sides. This is personal preference – if you want a more uniform look, start with the very top row going straight across, then work your way down row by row.
Imperfect is the goal! I applied more paint to my brush after every 5 or 6 strokes. You’ll see some that are very opaque, and some with a heavy stroke mark that didn’t have much paint left on the brush.
This one accent wall took me about 20 minutes and cost about $10. It’s the perfect pop of fun for a kids room, bathroom or small, blank space that needs some flair! The best part – no wallpaper to peel off when you’re ready to re-do one day. Your future self will thank you for that.

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